About the Author

Romance is a comedy!

I live in Dallas, Texas with two furry companions—not counting the squirrels that occasionally inhabit the attic—Antoinette, a spoiled Papillon princess, and Wolfgang, a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, two notoriously yappy breeds. If any of my neighbors are reading this, I apologize. Wolfers really does think he’s protecting the entire street from a threatened land invasion. Probably by FedEx.

Antoinette and I are on a diet/exercise regimen for being overweight, but Antoinette is sticking to her diet better than me. She’s making me look bad, damn dog.

I was married once, but truthfully I prefer living with the dogs. Which begs the question, of course, “Why do I write romance?”

As most avid readers know, sometimes fiction is better than reality. I write comedy because there have been times in my life when laughter was a needed escape. If I can do that for any reader, I feel good. I write romance because love is the most valuable commodity we have.

In my day job, I help troubled companies. Sometimes they even listen. I’m looking forward to retiring to write full time. Having been self-employed for over twenty years now, I already understand the “starving” in starving artist. My readers will let me know if I succeed at the rest of it. Thank you for reading my books.

Dre Sanders

“Writing isn’t a profession for me, it’s an obsession I sometimes wish I could leave. Mostly on the days when my muse won’t come. She’s probably out fooling around. The slut.”

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Gabrielle Castaneda Pruitt