“Romance is a Comedy”

New Release | September 30 2015

Unnatural Instincts

When Two Worlds Collide

Romance and comedy and spooky things that go bump in the night. That would be Mom, who has returned after ten years as a ghost. Juno Kravitz is torn between her fiancé, Evan, and the sexy British tenant across the hall. And Mom’s not helping.

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Baby, Not Tonight | Available Now

Baby, Not Tonight

A woman who has lost her dream, a man who has never let his go. Sometimes moving on means finding someone better

Love found Executive Chef Milla McKool once before and trampled her dreams. This time she’s in it strictly for the thrills, but Hunter Rossdale is challenging her belief that love can’t strike twice for a damaged heart. A sexy romantic comedy about second chances, reimagining your dreams, and a dog.

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Unnatural Instincts is Finally Out!!! 9/30/15

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Baby, Not Tonight is a Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Read 9/15/15

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Baby, Not Tonight Book Release July 2015 6/29/15

Like a proud mama, I’m sending my first book out into world.

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Exciting Giveaway Begins in August 6/25/15

A new sweepstakes every month. This month it’s a fire agate and chalcedony necklace.

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I Love the Cover

Paranormal Romantic Comedy. Here’s a cross genre book for those of you who like to mix it up a little.

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Nurture yourself

Something for you Foodies. If you like to cook, I’m sharing some of my recipes.

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Sneak Peak 5/17/15

Look for my new book in September or better yet, Preorder it now.

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