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First a disclaimer. This book is not about my mom, who would never come back as a ghost to haunt me, because she’s never leaving, according to her. As a practice, I don’t model any of my characters after people I know. There be dragons.

When I first started writing, many years ago, I wanted to write regency romances. Georgette Heyer is still one of my favorite writers, and I’ve read her books multiple times. Ryder is my homage to the regency buck Georgette first introduced to an admiring audience. Attractive, a little bit arrogant, witty, secure in his masculinity. He was incredibly fun to write.

I can’t always explain why a character’s name appeals to me, but Juno Kravitz just appeared like magic in my head. I immediately liked the juxtaposition between the two names. Juno, the beautiful Roman Goddess, and Kravitz, a mundane, ordinary name which isn’t particularly euphonious. It just seemed to fit my heroine, a beautiful woman with body issues, who boils everything down in her life to what’s rational and logical, thereby losing the passion and the mystery.

The songs, the curse, and the limerick are mine. I worked myself into a corner on this one, so I had to compose original material for the book. I don’t think I’ll quit my day job to become a lyricist, just yet. I also think I need to write easier plots.

Right now, I’m working on my new book. This one takes place in Texas, with cowboys and horses and a spoiled hotel heiress. Also a match-making bull named Jupiter. Look for it this fall.

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